Environmental Conditions and Macrophytes in Fish Ponds in Oria, Abraka, Delta State Nigeria

Agbogidi, O. M, Nwanbueze, A. A, Odume, S. C, Stephen, O. F, Onoche, P


The environmental conditions and macrophytic flora of fish ponds in Oria, Abraka Delta State Nigeria were studied between May, and July, 2019 with a view to establishing their physico-chemical parameters as they affect macrophytic vegetation in the pond. The study showed that the physical and chemical parameters showed no significant differences at P ≤ 0.05 in Ph, total hardness, turbidity and ammonia while variations were observed in other parameters including Conductivity, Dissolved oxygen, nitrate and phosphate among others. Although all values obtained fell within World Health Organization standard for pond fish production, out of the 14 macrophytes encountered; Salviniaceae (4), Araceae (3) and Menyamthaceae (3) families had more abundance while Potamogetaceae family had (2) sparse abundance and Nymphaeceae and Leminaceae families had rare abundance of one each .The study established that water in Oria ponds are generally suitable for fish production and growth of macrophytes on which the pond fish depend on directly or indirectly. This study has contributed to knowledge in the area of limnology, aquatic biology and macrophytic diversity


Environmental conditions, fish ponds, macrophytic flora, biodiversity conservation

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