Phytoremediation of Anthracene and Pyrene Contaminated Soil by Lolium Perenne

Muhammad Arbaz Madni, Syed Jahanzaib Rasool, Maira Naeem, Hafiz Usama Najeeb, Ahmad Ibrahim Maqbool, Azka Tariq, Syed Ijaz-ul-Haq, Safdar Ali, Muhammad Rizwan


Soil contamination can be addressed through phytoremediation technique which is one of the most important environmental problem. A pot study was conducted to examine the phytoremediation of anthracene and pyrene contaminated soil by Lolium perenne plant species for 45 days. The ability of Lolium perenne to remediate anthracene and pyrene spiked soil with initial concentration of 81.6 and 71.3 mg/kg was accessed. The anthracene and pyrene concentration in unplanted control soil on day 20 was 62.1 and 59.2 mg/kg respectively, whereas the respective concentration of unplanted control soil on day 45 was 21.7 and 22.4 mg/kg respectively. Lolium perenne was more effective in anthracene and pyrene removal from contaminated spiked soil during 45 days experiment. The results demonstrate the enhancement in disappearance of anthracene and pyrene by Lolium perenne on day 20 was 42.4 and 45.9 mg/kg, respectively, while there is complete removal of anthracene and pyrene by Lolium perenne was observed on day 45. The results


Phytoremediation, anthracene, pyrene, Lolium perenne, PAHs

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