A New Diploid Cytotype of Nephrolepis Falciformis J. SM. (Nephrolepidaceae - Pteridophyta) From Uttar Pradesh, India

Kshama Tripathi, Dominic Rajkumar, Shashank Kumar Singh, Preeti Prakash, Harshita Pathak, Nootan Singh


Nephrolepis falciformis J. Sm., is a species mainly found in tropical and humid forests. It is a very rare species discovered in the present study area (Sohagi Barwa Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh, India). The diploid cytotype of n= 41 is the first report for this species and a new record to the plant kingdom. Only the tetraploid cytotype of n= 82 has been only reported from Uttar Pradesh. The sporangia and the spores have been found to be normal.


Cytotaxonomy, Nephrolepis, Diploid, Cytotype, India

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