Extension in Distribution Range of 11 Flowering Plants in Peer Panjal Range of Lesser Himalayas of Jammu Province, Jammu and Kashmir

Mushtaq Ahmed, Manjul Dhiman


The present study involves the new distributional record of eleven species of angiosperms from the Western most of the Himalayas (Peer Panjal) of Jammu province, Jammu and Kashmir. During the biodiversity exploration in this region for almost three years involving all seasons, it was found that the mentioned species of angiospermic flora were never recorded from this region of the Himalayas of Jammu province hence documented for the first time. The study involves the complete taxonomical analysis in the field followed by the collection of specimens for the herbarium. The detailed description, photographs and necessary details were provided in the manuscript.


Distributional record, Angiospermic, Jammu Province, Exploration, Lesser Himalayas

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