Different Nutrient Management Practices in Rice – Green-Gram Based Cropping Sequence on Productivity and Soil Fertility Status: A Review

A Namei, Aloke Purkait, Saurav Das, Pabitra Kumar Biswas, Goutam Kumar Ghosh


Rice-based cropping system is a major food production system in India with rice as the first food crop followed by subsequent cultivation of other crops. The promotion of rice based pulses through various cropping sequence by supplying suitable nutrient management is very necessary. Integrated farming systems seem to be the probable key to the continuous raise of demand for foodstuff and nutrition, income stability and livelihood upliftment particularly for small and minor farmers with small resources. The approach for higher yields in the cropping arrangement should be formulated using the collective application of organics, inorganics and bio fertilizers joined with the inclusion of crops in summer fallows for sustainable yields and conservation of soil health. This review aimed to diversify upland rice through cropping sequence with green gram for improving and stabilizing productivity of rain fed uplands under Jhum field


Productivity; cropping sequence; nutrient management; jhum field; sustainability

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