Early Reaping of Potato Tubers under Changing Climate for Better Profit

Amar Singh, V.K Kanaujia, Chandra Kala Yadav, Binod Kumar


The innovative field study was laid out during 2017 and 2018 at Kannuaj district on farmer’s fields. The site of pilot project located in the catchments area of river Kali. The soil of pilot area was sandy loam, having pH 8.0, organic carbon 0.28%, total nitrogen 0.02%, available phosphorus 9.0 kg/ha and available potassium 273 kg/ha. The three varieties of potato i.e., Kufri Bahar, Kufri Garima and Kufri Khayti were tested under changing climate. Since cultivar Kufri Bahar is much popular among the farming majority but its yield level low under early reaping, therefore, Kurfi Garima and Kufri Khayti newly developed varieties were compared with popular variety in term of tubers yield and better profit. The harvesting was done after 75 DAS. The yield contributing characters recorded in term of single tuber weight, tubers/plant and tubers weight/plant, which showed higher in Kufri Garima and Kufri Khayti except number of tubers/plant. The higher yield by 269.50 q/ha weighed under Kufri Khayti followed by Kufri Garima (239.50 q/ha). Therefore, higher productivity by 44.90 q/ha recorded from Kufri Garima and 74.90 q/ha noted under Kufri Khayti in comparison to Kufri Bahar. The Kufri Bahar gave yield by 194.60 q/ha under early harvesting, which was lowest in comparison to other two tested cultivars. The higher net return Rs. 182631.00/ha and BCR 3.10 calculated under cultivar Kufri Khayti followed by net return of Rs. 152631.00/ha and BCR 2.75 from Kufri Garima under early harvesting. The lowest net return of Rs. 107731.00 and BCR 2.24 was computed from the Kufri Bahar. The yield contributing traits were commensurable to the tubers yield


Early planting, Kufri Bahar, Kufri Garima, Kufri Khayti, Net return

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