Potentialities of Varieties of Rice (Oryza sativa (L.)) Based on the Uses of Two Fertilizers on Sudano-Sahelean Area: Yagoua, Far-Nord Cameroon

Amedep David, Bertrand Wang-Bara, Kaouvon Philémon, Ahmed Hamana, Guidjinga Kanpetta Ngassarda Ashley, Michael Jourmbi Zirted, Daniel Toumba


Effect of organic manure and mycorrhiza inoculation on responses of Rice increases the productivities. This study was carried out at the SVRA of Yagoua, Far-North of Cameroon. The main objective was to evaluate potentialities of several rice varieties on growth and yields. Treatments were: mycorrhiza (20g) and poultry manure (50g), poultry manure+mycorrhiza (20+50g) and a control without any substrate. The experimental design was a completely randomized blocks with 3 repetitions. The evaluated parameters were: plants growth parameters and yield. Results revealed that the responses of varieties depended on treatments and affected the variety IR 46 and ITA 300 on growth and yields. Plants growths were important in amended plots compared to control. However, the mycorrhiza and poultry manure+mycorrhiza increase height of plants, number of tillers, and numbers of panicle. Statistical analysis showed that not all treatments significantly (P<0.05) affected growing parameters of plants per variety. Heights of plants were positively improved with mycorrhiza treatments for the variety IR 46 and Nerica 60. Organic manure was affected significantly (P<0.05) the height of plants for the variety ITA 300. The numbers of tillers were improved (P<0.05) with apply of organic manures+mycorrhiza and mycorrhiza treatments for the variety ITA 300. However, numbers of seeds per panicle was important (P<0.05) with organic manure and mycorrhiza treatments respectively for the varieties IR46, ITA 300 and Nerica 60.


Fertilizers, Mycorrhiza, Rice, Varieties, Yields

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