Influence of Leguminous and Fodder Crops on Soil Agrophysical Properties and Crop Yields

Dr. Shakhobiddin M. Turdimetov, Zarkum Rakhimov


The article describes the data obtained on the improvement of soil agrophysical properties and increase crop yields through the planting of legumes and fodder crops. Changes in volume mass and porosity were detected before planting and after harvest of plants such as peas, vetch, esparto, alfalfa. The decrease in soil density was in the variant where more alfalfa was planted, with 0.07 and 0.08 g / cm3, respectively, in the 0-30 cm and 30-50 cm layers.Results were also obtained on changes in the yields of cotton and winter wheat after planting these crops. . According to the results, the yield of cotton in the planted variant of vica increased by 2.6%, while the yield of winter wheat increased by 14.3%.


legumes, fodder crops, peas, vetch, esparto, alfalfa, soil volume mass, specific gravity, porosity, cotton, winter wheat

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