Growth and Flower Production as Influenced by Pinching in African marigold: A Review

Shalini Badge, G.B. Ganvir


Flowers are symbolize the most sensitive, delicate and loving feelings eloquently what our words fail to express. It also symbolizes the quintessence of human spirit; it adorns the surface of earth with a splendid array of colours – soft, mutated and dazzling, filling the whole atmosphere with its delicate fragrance. Flowers are grown and admired by human beings wherever he lives. A study was carried out to review on effect of pinching in marigold. The experiments consist of treatments like no pinching, single pinching after 15,22,28,30 and 45 days after transplanting. The results showed that maximum plant spread, number of primary branches diameter of stem, diameter of flower, weight of single flower, flower yield per plant and per ha were found superior in pinching treatment. However, pinching treatment delay the flowering so it best for avoid the glut in the market. From the study, plant pinched between 30 days after transplanting were found best for better growth, flowering and yield of marigold.

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