An Experimental Studies on Performance of Various Onion Genotypes for Yield Behavior, Diseases, Insect Attack and Storage Losses

Dr. Richa Pyasi


The present investigation was carreid out during kharif season 2012-13 at the Horticulture Complex, Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, JNKVV, Jabalpur (M.P.). The experimental material for the present investigation was comprised of 33 genotypes of onion. These genotypes were sown in randomised complete Block design with three replication to estimate the yield, diesease & insect and storage losses. Genotypes BSKO-1256 performed best in terms of yield and gave marketable yield of 296.90 q/ha followed by genotype ASKO-1231, 291.90 q/ha and genotype CSKO-1266, 230.50 q/ha. Genotype ASKO-1213 was minimum affected by incidence of stemphyllium blight 8.68% at 60 DAT whereas genotype BSKO-1231 had shown lowest thrips count per plant 12.00 at 60 DAT. So these genotypes can be further exploited in selection programmes of disease & insect resistance


Genotypes, sprouting % and rotting % , stemphyllium blight, thrips

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