An Overview of genus Saxifraga L. in Indian Himalayas

Priyanka Agnihotri, Tariq Husain*


The paper deals with the enumeration of genus Saxifraga in Indian Himalayan region. A total of 64 species with 4 sub-species and 5 varieties have been recorded from Indian Himalayas, out of which 23 are confined to Western Himalaya and 17 are found in Eastern Himalaya, while 40 are common in both the areas. The maximum diversity has been observed between 4000-4500m. asl. The genus forms the group of sub-nival vegetation and are inhabitant of one of the most fragile ecosystem of Himalaya, the hot spot of biodiversity and it is urgently needed to document the diversity in the natural habitat and assess the conservation status of the taxa of the genus Saxifraga L.


Saxifraga; Indian Himalayan Region; Diversity

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