Desmid Euastrum Ehrenberg from the Kole lands of Thrissur (part of Vembanad - Kol, Ramsar Site), Kerala

Tessy Paul P.*, Sreekumar R.


The paper deals with Euastrum Ehrenberg from Kole lands of Thrissur, which is a part of Vembanad - Kol, a declared Ramsar site of Kerala. Twenty two taxa of Euastrum have been collected and are described with their distribution in India. E. acanthophorum Turn. fa. minus Scott & Prescott, E. sinuosum Lenorm. var. parallelum Krieg. and E. sinuosum Lenorm. var. reductum West & West. are recorded for the first time from Kerala. Among these E. sinuosum Lenorm. var. parallelum Krieg. is a new report from India. The seasonal analysis of Euastrum at different stations revealed that 11 taxa were observed throughout the year irrespective of the seasonal changes, 13 taxa were found during pre-monsoon, 20 taxa during monsoon and 18 taxa were recorded during post-monsoon seasons in the study area.


Desmid; Euastrum; Kerala; Kole lands of Thrissur; Vembanad - Kol

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