Notes on the Rediscovery and Taxonomic Status of M. flaviflora N.W.Simmonds and M. thomsonii (King ex Schumann) A.M.Cowan & Cowan (Musaceae) From India

Alfred Joe, Sreejith P. E., Sabu* M.


The taxonomy of Musa flaviflora and M. thomsonii has been in a state of flux since their inception. Due to their close resemblance and lack of proper types and protologues they were treated as conspecific. Both species have been studied in detail based on live collection and protologues for their taxonomic status and circumscription. Here both the species are correctly identified and provided detailed description after the type collection. Photographs, distribution, types and ecological notes of both species are also provided.


Musa; M. flaviflora; M. thomsonii; Musaceae; North-East India; rediscovery; taxonomic status.

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