Samolus valerandi L. (Primulaceae): A new Angiospermic record from Jammu and Kashmir, India

Mushtaq Ahmed, Manjul Dhiman


A humid-loving herb Samolus valerandi L. is collected for the first time from the union territory  Jammu and Kashmir. The reported taxa  is found in a wetland near rice fields at Phalni 1411m above mean sea level . The specimen are thoroughly analysed morphologically live in the field, followed by collection of specimen for herbarium and deposition of standerized herbarium sheets at herbarium of Department of Botany, KLDAV PG College Roorkee Haridwar 247667 Uttarakhand India. The detailed taxonomic description and photographs are provided  in the manuscript.


Primulaceae; Samolusvalerandi; J&K; Brookweed; Biodiversity

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