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Morphological diversity within Dendrobium (Orchidaceae) of Nepal

Baba Maiya Pradhan, Devendra M. Bajracharya


The morphological diversity within Dendrobium Sw., comprising 29 species of Nepal Himalaya, is presented. The paper provides detailed information about the range of diversity in vegetative and reproductive characteristics. An artificial key to the species is provided for their identification. According to the updated classification of Orchidaceae, genera like Epigeneium and Flickingeria of subtribe Dendrobiinae are merged into genus Dendrobium sensu lato. In the present investigation, the morphological diversity within 29 species of Dendrobium viz. D. amoenum, D. amplum, D. anceps, D. aphyllum, D. bicameratum, D. chrysanthum, D. crepidatum, D. darjeelingense, D. denneanum, D. densiflorum, D. denudans, D. eriiflorum, D. fimbriatum var. oculatum, D. formosum, D. fugax, D. fuscescens, D. gibsonii, D. heterocarpum, D. longicornu, D. moniliforme, D. monticola, D. moschatum, D. nobile, D. plicatile, D. polyanthum, D. porphyrochilum, D. rotundatum and D. transparens of Nepal Himalaya were studied.


Dendrobium; Orchidaceae; Morphological diversity

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