Production of cellulase enzyme by Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus terreus and Penicillium sp. isolated from soil

Pinky Dayal, Alok Narain Singh, Ajai Kishore Sharan


This research was aimed to isolate cellulolytic fungi showing hyper-cellulase activity. Potential cellulase-producing fungi were isolated from different soil samples, particularly near agro-wastes dumping sites. Among the various isolates obtained from different sampling sites, three different fungi were selected depending upon the clear zone diameter produced in Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) agar. CMC hydrolysis by all three fungal strains exhibited their activities at pH 5.5-7.5, whereas maximum activity occurred at pH 5.5. Enzymes were also pH stable. Based on Km and Vmax values, the endoglucanase and β-glucosidase enzymes of Aspergillus niger were most efficient. The characterization of these fungi may also provide an opportunity to screen the cellulase enzymes   for their further utilization in bio-ethanol production using lignocellulosic agro-wastes.


Cellulolytic fungi; Cellulase Endoglucanase; β-glucosidase

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