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Pattern of bamboo culm degradation by Daedaleopsis confragrosa when co-cultured with selected fungi

Susy Albert*, Bhavika Pandya


This study investigates the anatomical and biochemical alterations in bamboo culm when co-cultured with two different fungi. Compatibility of fungi was analyzed by paired interaction test which revealed that Daedaleopsis confragrosa was found to be compatible with Pycnoporus sanguineus and Irpex lacteus. In vitro decay test was carried out to understand the pattern of delignification in bamboo culm by D. confragrosa, P. sanguineus and I.lacteus. Culm blocks inoculated with these fungi were analyzed for different time periods viz. 10, 20 and 30 days after fungal inoculation. Culm blocks inoculated with D.confragrosa, I. lacteus showed both the pattern of degradation i.e. selective delignification in the initial stage followed by simultaneous degradation during later stage of decay. Both fungal strains initially showed cell separation due to dissolution of middle lamella in early stage of decay and in later stage of decay D. confragrosa produced bore holes and I. lacteus showed erosion troughs. P. sanguineus produced selective delignification in initial stage delignification was observed in fibers and fungal hyphae colonize vessel elements and later on removal of middle lamella was clearly observed. D. confragrosa When co-cultured with P. sanguineus both characteristic features of the decay pattern could be observed i.e. loosening of cells and presence of bore holes as the pattern was significantly different. The weight loss found in 30 days incubation period was more in co cultured bamboo culms than in monocultured bamboo culms and Bio chemical analysis clearly indicated that lignin loss was also more in co-culture than in the monocultures. Results reveal that rate of degradation was more which could be very well depicted by the bio chemical analysis of lignin and cellulose. The anatomical observations also supported the result.


Co- culture; Daedaleopsis confragrosa; Irpex lacteus; Pycnoporus sanguineus; Culm decay

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