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Uncaria sessilifructus Roxb. (Rubiaceae): A new generic record for Odisha, India.

Biswal A. K.*, Mandal K. K., T. Kar, C. S. Reddy


The genus Uncaria (Rubiaceae) has about 40 species with most species native to tropical Asia, three from Africa and the Mediterranean and two from the neotropics. Uncaria sessilifructus Roxb. finds its distribution in Indian subcontinent, China & Vietnam. Similipal Biosphere Reserve in the state of Odisha is a grand repository of Flora and Fauna. The occurrence of certain Himalayan taxa in this region is of great phytogeographical significance. Uncaria sessilifructus Roxb. is reported as new distributional record for Odisha from Similipal Biosphere Reserve. Occurrence of this taxon adds to phytogeographical uniqueness of the region and the state of Odisha in India. Correct botanical nomenclature, brief description, with photographs of the taxon have been provided for easy identification.


Deccan Peninsula; Distribution; Himalayan element; Phytogeography; Similipal; Uncaria.

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