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Low Intraspecific Diversity Suggesting Genetic Drift in Gloriosa superba L. (Liliaceae) in Konkan Coast of Karnataka, India

Vidhu Sankar Babu*, Deepika K. Pai, Tanveer Shaik, Annamalai Muthusamy, Satyamoorthy K.


The population of Gloriosa species is gradually diminishing in Udupi district of Karnataka, due to their over exploitation for colchicine-the therapeutic alkaloid. The scattered and scant occurrence of this genus is further attributed to their seasonal and truncated seed set in nature. The present study is the first report on polymorphism studies in this plant using AFLP, the dominant molecular marker. Genetic distance based on the AFLP data could authenticate, low intraspecific diversity more efficiently than RAPD.  This genetic similarity identified could be correlated with collection sites and altitude.  2C DNA values of the collected accessions ranged between 5.24 and 5.81 pg, when determined by flow cytometer. The study indicated that the genetically isolated smaller population of G. superba is experiencing genetic drift within the Udupi district of Karnataka, India and hence must be subjected to suitable conservation measures.


AFLP; Flow cytometer; Gloriosa superba; intraspecific diversity; Nuclear DNA content; RAPD

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