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Diversity and distribution of aquatic vascular macrophytes in lake Buluan, Philippines

Greta Macamay Noquilla, Jonald Bornales, Naima Pendi, Ryan Fabay, Charess Gani Lamban


This study aimed to determine the species composition and distribution of aquatic vascular macrophytes in Lake Buluan in Maguindanao and Sultan kudarat, Philippines. A total of ten (10) macrophytic species in 16 sampling sites were studied. In our observation, a non-native invasive species Eichhornia crassipes found to be dominant with a frequency of 81% occupying 496 hectares. The species diversity is found to be uneven and absence of submerged aquatic vegetation induces stress and disturbance in the lake ecosystem. Photographs of identified vascular macrophytes, study sites, Distribution map were provided. We recommend substantial measures have to be implemented to protect Buluan lake ecosystem against eutrophication and invasion.


Lake Buluan; Aquatic vascular macrophytes; Eichhornia crassipes

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