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Jatropha Curcas, Pongamia Pinnata Plantation with Glycine Max as Safe and Potent Green Energy Source

Prabhat Singh*, Anuj Kumar Ahalavat, Vimala Y.


The exploration of alternative source i.e. green energy is being searched through growing non-edible oil yielding plants like Jatropha curcas and Pongamia pinnata in India. In the present investigation, the effect of leaf leachates of Jatropha curcas and Pongamia pinnata on Glycine max var. Pusa Komal -1042 have been carried out. % germination, root length, moisture content, vigour index, tolerance index and speed of germination of G. max increased with increasing concentration of J. curcas and P. pinnata leaf leachate up to 5% followed by a reduction, as compared to control. All parameters were found maximum in 2% leaf leachate of both J. curcas and P. pinnata. Hence, mixed cropping system i.e. J. curcas and G. max or P. pinnata and G. max could be recommended for national energy security, food security and environmental security.


Glycine max; vigour index; tolerance index.

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