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A new variety of Eugenia codyensis Munro ex Wight (Myrtaceae) from lateritic plateaus of north Kerala, India.

Rijuraj M.P., Rajendraprasad M., Shareef S.M., Shaju T.


A new variety of Eugenia codyensis Munro ex Wight is described and illustrated from lateritic plateaus of north Kerala, India. It is closely allied but differs from the type variety Eugenia codyensis Munro ex Wight var. codyensis in having thinly coriaceous and narrowly elliptic to elliptic-oblong leaves with attenuate bases and narrowly acuminate apices and slightly revolute leaf margins, small oblong bracts and ovate-deltoid bracteoles, sessile to subsessile, small flowers with orbicular sepals and obovate petals, rounded disc, shallowly cup-shaped hypanthium and ovary cell with 3 ovules, and small depressed -globose fruits.


Taxonomy; Myrtales; pantropical; var.nov.

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