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Taxonomic revision and ethno-medicinal practices of wild species of Solanum L. in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

Pooja Singh, Prashant Singh, Mahesh Pratap Singh


Solanum L., is a cosmopolitan genus, comprising 1,500 species, about 75 % of family Solanaceae, but in absence of a recent critical assessment these figures may well be too high. Present paper deals with 8 wild species of Solanum viz. S. diphyllum, S. incanum, S. nigrum, S. sisymbriifolium, S. surattense, S. torvum, S. verbascifolium & S. villosum, which are commonly occurring in study area. Beside detailed enumeration, local name, phenology, locality and ethnomedicinal uses are given along with detailed taxonomic descriptions, photo plates and a key to the identification of species are provided for easy identification.


Solanum; Taxonomy; Phenology; Ethnomedicinal; Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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