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A new distributional record Solanum erianthum D. Don from family Solanaceae to the flora of Nasik District (Maharashtra), India.

Sachin D. Kuvar, Shinde R.D.


Nasik is one of the districts in Maharashtra endowed with enormous diversity of cryptogamic and phanerogamic flora. The present paper deals with the addition of 1 new plant species of angiospermic taxa to the flora of this district. During the field survey of Nasik District, the authors collected the plant from the different locations of the study region, which were not reported so far in the florists documentation of the district. This plant species has very small population range and occupancy. The plant specimens were collected, identified with the reference of different floras and recent literature for their authentication. The study provides a detailed taxonomic description, photographs and relevant information based on fresh collections of specimen.


Cryptogamic; Kokni; Nasik; New record; Maharashtra; Phanerogamic; Satana; Solanum erianthum

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