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Checklist of Akshara vidyalaya campus flora, Venkatachalam, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Manipal K., Kumuda M.V., Madhava Chetty K.


The present study was aimed at determining the plant species richness of the Akshara Vidyalaya (AV) campus, Nellore District. For this, the species richness data was obtained by intensive surveys in the campus from 2015–2017. We recorded 247 species in 194 genera belonging to 69 families composed of 52 trees, 55 shrubs and 140 herbs, two species are parasites. Poaceae (20 genera 24 species), Fabaceae (15 genera 21 species) are the two species richness families and an inventory checklist of all the species recorded is provided. This study reveals that AV campus is diverse and rich in ornamental/alien flora.


Akshara vidyalaya campus, floristic studies, Checklist

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