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Diversity of Coprinus species in North-Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Ravinder Pal Singh, Aradhana Pal, Pooja Singh, Tripathi N.N.


Gorakhpur is an ‘oriental region’ providing a profusion of habitats, which features diverse biota with a high level of endemism. The region is an important sub-centre for the origin of mushrooms, the most important among the macrofungi. Studies on the taxonomy and diversity of macrofungi are gaining importance as many macrofungi are becoming extinct and facing threat of extinction because of climate change effects and habitat alteration. The present study was undertaken w.e.f. March 2014 to July 2016 in different localities of Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India to collect the samples of macrofungi describing the systemic position and taxonomic identification. This paper deals with the collections of genus Coprinus made from various localities of Gorakhpur and all the collected macrofungal species belonging to the family Coprinaceae. Presently, 14 Coprinus species, viz., Coprinus atramentarius, C. comatus, C. congregates, C. disseminates, C. domesticus, C. extinctorius, C. hemerobius, C. heterosetulosus, C. impatiens, C. lagopus, C. leiocephalus, C. micaceus, C. radiates and C. truncorum were collected and identified on the basis of their morphological and microscopic characters.


Macrofungi, Diversity, Coprinus

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