Comparative study of genetic variations as determined from marker systems in tomato Lycopersicum esculentum

Vishwanath K.*, Pallavi H. M., Devaraj P. J., Rajendra Prasad S., Ananthanarayanan T. V.


Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is most important Solanacous vegetable grown worldwide for its edible fruits. Various marker techniques have been successfully applied, either individually or in combination to study the genetic diversity of this crop. A Study to assess the usefulness of different markers system for analyzing the genetic diversity and relation between different varieties and to find out correlation between marker systems revealed that all tested tomato cultivars could be differentiated from each other based on either morphological/protein/RAPD markers individually, and can be applied for grouping of cultivars, pedigree analysis and genetic diversity analysis. However, markers system used in this study showed variations in understanding the genetic relation between studied varieties.


Tomato; Morphological markers; RAPD; SDS-PAGE; Genetic Diversity.

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