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Systematic studies (morphology, anatomy, palynology) of an economically important grass Sporobolus diandrus (Retz.) P. Beauv. (Poaceae)

Saurav Dwari, Amal Kumar Mondal


Sporobolus diandrus (Retz.) P. Beauv, a medicinally important agrestal which is also considered as a fodder grass in eastern India. The species commonly used as green foliage; grazing and medicinal plants to local peoples. But the morphological study of this plant was very poor and there was no anatomical and palynological study. The present study deals with few systematic parameters viz. morphology, anatomy, palynology of Sporobolusdiandrus (Retz.) P. Beauv. The result shows some distinct morphological and anatomical as well as palynological characters. These characters are very important for proper and rapid identification.


Sporobolus diandrus, Morphology, Anatomy, Palynology, Medicinally important, India

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