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Diversity of genus Scenedesmus (Meyen) from Anjani dam of Erandol tahsil, district Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India.

Patil S.B., Dhande J.S., Mahajan S.R.


The present communication deals with the taxonomic enumeration of 23 taxa representing 12 species, 09 varieties, 02 forms of the genus Scenedesmus Meyen of order Chlorococcales from Anjani dam in Erandol Tahsil of Jalgaon district, Maharashtra. Among all these taxa Scenedesmus arcuatus, S. arcuatus var. capitatus, S. bijugatus var. alternans, S. dimorphus, S. platydiscus, S. quadricauda are being recorded as the dominant species from the Anjani dam.


Algae, Scenedesmus, Chlorococcales, Anjani dam, Erandol, Maharashtra

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