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Morphotaxonomical studies on some mosses of Indian Thar desert

Vinod Deora, Deora G.S.


Studies on the mosses of hot and arid Indian Thar Desert revealed the occurrence of five moss species viz. Tortula muralis Hedw., Gymnostomiella veronicosa (Hook.) Fleisch., Hyophila involuta (Hook.) Jaeger., Semibarbula orientalis (Web.) Wijk. & Marg. and Fissidens flaccidus Mitt. Among these taxa Fissidens flaccidus Mitt. is a new record for Rajasthan and it distinguishes from its allies in having leaves with complete limbidium and percurrent costa, ending far below apex. The present work deals with a morphotaxonomic studies of these taxa along with the adaptive strategies to survive in severe xeric environmental conditions of Thar Desert. This is the first consolidated record of bryophytes from Indian Thar Desert.


Adaptive strategies, Indian Thar Desert, Morphotaxonomy, mosses

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