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Biochemical changes in Tomato plant by AM fungi

Rakesh Pipralia, Anil Vyas


The effectiveness of six arbuscular mycorrhizae species, Acaulospora morrowae Spain & Schenck, Gigaspora margarita Becker & Hall, Glomus fasciculatum (Thaxt. Sensu. Gerd.) Gerd. & Trappe, G. macrocarpum Tul. & Tul. Scutellospora calospora (Nicol. & Gerd.) Walker & Sanders, and Sclerocystis rubiformis Gerd. & Trappe, collected from rhizosphere soils of Tomato, was measured for enrichment of PRO, PPO activities and protein, phenolic, and catechin contents in this vegetable plant. Culturing was done under green house and studied were performed ninety days after inoculation. All fungi showed favorable effects, with S. calospora being the most promoting of all biochemical parameters.


Peroxidase; Polyphenol oxidase Mycorrhizae; AM

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