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Taxonomical note, new distributional record and traditional use for Dioscorea wallichii Hook. f. (Dioscoreaceae) of Tripura North-East India

Chiranjit Paul, Amal Debnath, Rahul Chanda, Bimal Debnath


The existence of Dioscorea wallichii Hook. f. (Dioscoreaceae) is noted first time from the forest floor of Tripura, North East India. The tuber of this plant is used as a vegetable as well as a medicinal purpose by the indigenous peoples of the state. Reang communities of Tripura used tuber of this plant for stomach pain and Jamatia community have eaten this tuber with honey for refreshment and also increase physical fitness. It is widely distributed throughout forest floor as well as the degraded land of the state.


Dioscorea wallichii, Taxonomy, new distributional record, Ethnobotany, IUCN status, Tripura

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