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Studies on mycorrhizal biodiversity in medicinal plant species of Pookode Lake area, Wayanad, India.

Saranya Babu Jayaprakash C.M., Nagarajan N.


Forty different medicinal plant species were investigated for arbuscular mycorrhizal association from Pookode Lake area, Wayanad district, Kerala. The spore density and percentage of infection varied with plant species. The percentage of AM fungal colonization ranged from 30 to 80. The highest AM fungal infection was exhibited in Centella asiatica (80%) and maximum spore population in Leucas aspera (690/100g). Totally 36 arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species were recovered from the rhizosphere of 40 medicinal plant species belongs to 20 plant families. The arbuscular mycorrhizal spore species Glomus fasciculatum was found dominant.


glomus, medicinal plants, mycorrhiza, wayanad

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