In vitro flower induction and multiple shoot regeneration studies in Centella asiatica from nodal and leaf explants

Venugopal Gaddaguti*, Sitarami Reddy K., Sree Deepthi R., Lavanya K., Chakravarthy Rama, Venkateshwar Rao Talluri, Prasada Rao Allu


In vitro regeneration of clones was achieved from explants like leaf and nodal segments on MS medium containing different concentrations and combinations of auxins and cytokinins. In vitro flowering and multiple shoot induction was noticed from nodal explants cultured on MS medium supplemented with BA 1.0 mg/L+IAA 1.5 mg/L. And the same was observed from leaf explants supplemented with MS medium+ BA (1.0 mg/L).The regenerated shoots were transferred onto MS medium fortified with IBA for root induction. The regenerated plantlets have been successfully established in soil and they were shifted to field condition.


In vitro flowering; Benzyl Adenine (BA); Indole butyric acid(IBA); Indole acetic acid(IAA)

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