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A note on the Gadi Central Pandam Sacred Grove of East Sikkim, Sikkim, India.

Sankararao Mudadla, Ashok Kumar Panigrahi, Alaka Sahu


Sacred groves are small forest patches conserved by local people through socio-religious and historical beliefs. Gadi Central Pandam is one of the oldest sacred groves and protected more than 300 years due to its various religious, historical and archaeological significances. It is situated in the Sumin Resrve Forest of Rangpo Block of East Sikkim District. The sacred grove harbors a wide variety of plant species. This grove is facing serious threats due to various developmental activities. Therefore, it is suggested here to create awareness among the native people about the traditional values of this sacred grove and environmental benefits to the region and better sustenance of mankind by conserving the biodiversity of the region. The native people should also be encouraged to involve actively in protection and sustainable conservation managements of this grove for posterity.


Biodiversity, Sacred Grove, East Sikkim, Conservation

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