Novelties in the family Acanthaceae from South Western Ghats, India

Jose Mathew*, Regy Yohannan, P. M. Salim, K. V. George


Within the context of the floristic study of the family Acanthaceae from south Western Ghats, one new species, Strobilanthes philipmathewiana J.Mathew & Yohannan is described. In addition, a new combination, Hygrophila auriculata (K.Schum.) Heine var. alba (Parmar) P.M.Salim, J.Mathew & Yohannan, and substantiate the occurrence of Asystasia variabilis (Nees) Trimen in India are made here. Their taxonomic description, morphological differences to their allied taxa and colour photographs are provided to facilitate easy identification in the field.


Acanthaceae; Asystasia variabilis; Hygrophila auriculata var. alba; new species; Strobilanthes philipmathewiana; south Western Ghats

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