Genetic diversity of Aerial Yam /Dioscorea bulbifera (L.)/Accessions in Ethiopia Based on agronomic traits

Tewodros Mulualem*, Hussien Mohammed


The experiment was conducted at Jimma Agricultural Research Centre during 2007 cropping season. The objectives of the study were to evaluate the genetic diversity of aerial yam using agronomic traits so as to characterize and cluster with in collected aerial yam genotypes. Forty-seven aerial yam genotypes were sampled from the collection. Relatively high broad sense heritability was observed for Vine dry weight (53.14), tuber diameter (42.54), tuber length (42.04) and vine length (39.69) indicating the existence of possibility for selection of genotypes for high fresh tuber yield. The clustering of genotypes based on 11 quantitative traits revealed the existence of five distinct groups. The maximum inter cluster distance was observed between genotypes under cluster II and V and I (D2 =1844) IV and V (D2 =1702) hence, the genotypes grouped in these clusters could be used for crossing if high fresh tuber yield genotypes are planned in breeding program.


Aerial Yam; Dioscorea bulbifera; Genetic Diversity; Variability

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