Effect of Cassia occidentalis on Parthenium hysterophorus by way of secondary metabolites

Jai Knox


Cassia occidentalis is an extensive growing weed in India with some medicinal value. It has been reported to show strong biochemical interaction causing inhibition of Parthenium hysterophorus which is an obnoxious weed of today. The present study was performed to confirm its inhibition on Parthenium. Biological parameters like Seed germination, Germination velocity index, Shoot length and Root length of 10 days old Parthenium seedlings was recorded. Fresh weight (FW), Dry weight (DW) and Relative water content% (RWC) was recorded after treating the mature Parthenium plant with various aqueous leaf leachates of Cassia occidentalis. Aqueous leaf leachates of Cassia occidentalis which were prepared in different concentrations showed significant inhibition in all biological parameters on Parthenium. This study gives a strong clue regarding the potential of suppressive effect of allelochemicals present in Cassia on Parthenium.


Allelopathy; Biochemical Interaction; Coffee weed; Femine weed; Pharmacognosy

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