Optimization of in vitro regeneration protocol for a popular Indica rice (Oryza sativa L. cv Swarna)

Vijaya Naresh Juturu, Gopala Krishna Mekala, Mallikarjuna Garladinne, Puli Chandra Obul Reddy, Akila Chandra Sekhar*


Though regeneration system in rice has been very well established compare to other crop plants, the fact remains that, most of the indica rice varieties are still recalcitrant for regeneration and genetic transformation. Therefore, refinement of tissue culture protocol for generation of embryogenic calli and regeneration of the fertile plants from a single cell should be a pre requisite event for development of transgenic plants. Here, in this study we reported high frequency robust regeneration protocols for a popular Indica cultivar Swarna.Mature seeds were used as initial material as explants. Highest callus induction % was observed in MSCIMP medium containing 2.0 mg-1 2,4, D + 0.5 mg-1 Kn as phytohormonal combinations. In addition, maximum regeneration was observed in 2.0 mg-l KN + 0.5 mg-l NAA. Regenerated plants were shifted to rooting medium followed by polyhouse for hardening. The callus induction and regeneration reported in this study were well suited for transformation agronomical important genes or functional genomics studies.


Oryza sativa; Somatic embryogenesis; Swarna; Variety

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