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Folk herbal medicines used by the Tribals of Bayad taluka in Aravalli District, Gujarat, India.

Mukesh M. Patel


Ethnomedicinal field trips were undertaken during 2012-2014 in the villages of Bayad taluka, Aravalli district, Gujarat, for the documentation of folk and herbal medicinal plants used by local people residing in and around forest areas. During field trips firsthand information on traditional uses of wild medicinal plant species was collected from tribal people. The source of information is based on interviews with local Vaidyas, Bhagats, Shepherds and local tribal informants of the area. The study indicated that tribe depends on medicinal flora for curing their various diseases. The study showed that, 24 plant species belonging to 22 genera of 20 Angiosperms families were recorded during field trips in study area.


Ethnomedicine; Tribals; Bayad; Aravalli; Gujarat.

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