Microsorum zippelii (Bl.) Ching (Polypodiaceae), a new distributional record for Peninsular India

Sudam Charan Sahu*, Amulya Baul, Nabin Kumar Dhal, Nirad Chandra Rout


Microsorum zippelii (Bl.) Ching, earlier known from north east of India is recorded for the first time from Peninsular India. The species is collected from Mahendragiri hills of Gajapati district, in the Eastern Ghats of Odisha. On critical examination it was found to be Microsorum zipelii a Near Threatened (NT) fern, is differing morphologically from its closely ally M. membranaceum having sori larger, round, distinct and fewer.  A detailed description, photograph, illustration along with Scanning Electron Microscopic views of its sorus, sporangium and spores are provided for easy identification of the taxon.


Microsorum zippelii; Polypodiaceae; New distributional record; Peninsular India

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