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Introduction to QTL mapping in plants

Rashmin M. Dhingani*, Valentina V. Umrania, Rukam S. Tomar, Manoj V. Parakhia, B. A. Golakiya


Understanding the genetic basis of complex, quantitative traits entails a combination of modern molecular genetic techniques and powerful statistical method. With the advancement in molecular marker analysis technology, it is now possible to analyze both the simply inherited and quantitative trait and identify individual genes controlling the traits of interest. Molecular markers could be used to tag Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) to evaluate the contribution to the phenotypic aiming to accelerate the selection and genetic advances. The construction of detailed linkage maps with high levels of genome coverage for localized genes or QTLs those are associated with economically important trait like disease resistance in plants which helps in marker assisted selection, comparative mapping between different species, a framework for anchoring physical maps and the basis for map based cloning of genes. This review provides an introduction to molecular marker, mapping population and basic principles behind QTL map construction.


Quantitative trait locus; Linkage map; Molecular marker; Simple sequence repeats; Mapping population and Genetic distance

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