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Notes on fresh water algae Sawaimadhopur District. Chaetophorales, Rajasthan, India

Lakhpat Meena


Algae are ubiquitous in their distribution and one of major part of photosynthetic organisms. The Chaetophorales are most commonly found group in freshwater habitats and are one of the beautiful green organisms in running water. The present work is deals with 15 species of this group namely 1. Protoderma viridae Kutz, 2. Coleochaete scutata De Brebisson, 3. Coleochaete pulvinata A. Braun, 4. Coleochaete irregularis Pringsheim, 5. Stigeoclonium tenue (C.A. Agardh) Kützing, 6. Stigeoclonium tenue (Ag.) Kütz var. tenue, 7. Stigeoclonium lubricum (Dillw.) Kütz., 8. Stigeoclonium pusillum (Lyngbye) Kützing, 9. Stigeoclonium elongatum (Hassall) Kützing, 10. Stigeoclonium protensum (Dillw.) Kütz., 11. Stigeoclonium pachydermum Prescott, 12. Stigeoclonium stagnatile (Hazen) Collins, 13. Chaetophora elegans (Roth) C.A. Agardh, 14. Chaetophora incrassata (Hudson) Hazen and 15. Aphanochaete repens A. Braun.


freshwater algae; chaetophorales; RNP (Ranthambhore National Park).

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