Aquatic fungi from North Maharashtra-XI

Patil V. R.*, Patil S. Y., Borse B. D.


The present paper deals with six species of fungi encountered on submerged woody debris in freshwater habitats. Among them Canalisporium pallidum Goh et al., and Delortia palmicola Pat. are new  records for the fungi of India. Canalisporium caribense (Hol. Jech. & Mercado.) Nawawi and Kuthubudheen, Dictyosporium digitatum Chen et al., Sporoschisma saccadoi Mason and Hughes, and Sporoschisma uniseptatum Bhat and Kendrick are being recorded for the first time from Maharashtra state. The data provides information on the distribution of these fungi in India, apart from their description and illustrations.


Freshwater;Hyphomycetes; submerged wood

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