Aquatic fungi from North Maharashtra-X. Stream spora

Patil V. R.*, Pawara C. M., Patil S. Y., Patil R. v, Borse B. D.


The present paper deals with conidia of nine species of fungi encountered in foam samples from freshwater habitats. Among them Diplocladiella tricladioides Nawawi, Filosporella aquatica Nawawi, Scutisporus brunneus Ando and Tubaki, Iyengaria asymmetrica Kuthub. and Nawawi are being recorded for the first time from India and Brachydesmiella caudata  Rao and de Hoog, Flabellospora octacladia Saikia and Sarbhoy, Flagellospora curvula Ingold, Magdalaenaea monogramma Arnaud and Phalangispora bharathensis  Prasad and Bhat are new reports for fungi of Maharashtra. The data provides information on the distribution of these fungi in India, apart from description and illustrations.


Aquatic fungi; Conidia; Foam; Hyphomycetes; Maharashtra

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