Role of some nutrients on in vitro pollen germination and tube development of Luffa cylindrica (L.) Roem.

Pradyut Biswas, Subrata Mondal*


In vitro pollen germination of Sponge Gourd, Luffa cylindrica (L.) Roem. of the family Cucurbitaceae has been carried out to determine the role of different nutrients like sucrose (C12H22O11), boric acid (H3BO3), Calcium nitrate [Ca(NO3)2, 4H2O], and Magnesium sulphate (MgSO4, 7H2O) and Potassium nitrate (KNO3) in different concentration individually or in combinations on pollen germination as well as pollen tube elongation. Among the salts, Calcium nitrate showed 19% germination with 460±183.78 μm long pollen tube. Pollen germination with swelling and thickening of pollen tubes were recorded in sucrose solution but addition of boric acid facilitated an increased pollen germination as well as pollen tube elongation. Maximum 75% germination along with1230±294.58 μm long pollen tube was recorded in 30% sucrose solution supplemented with 50 μg/ml boric acid. The data were also analyzed and correlated statistically. Statistically significant pollen germination and pollen tube length was resulted due to addition of boric acid. The pollen grains collected immediately after anther dehiscence (05.15-06.00 hr) showed the best germination ability but gradually decreases with time and ultimately became almost ceased during the second day of flower anthesis. The results reveal that boric acid play vital role on in vitro pollen germination and pollen tube elongation.


Luffa cylindrica; Pollen Germination; Pollen Tube Elongation; Anthesis.

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