Induction of In-Vitro Flowering and Callogenesis in Blepharis maderaspatensis L. (Acanthaceae), A Medicinal Plant

Drisyadas P., Smitha R. B.*, Sailas Benjamin, P. V. Madhusoodanan


Explants from node, internode and leaf of Blepharis maderaspatensis L. were cultured on MS medium supplemented with various growth regulators for in vitro callogenesis, organogenesis and flowering. MS medium with 4.53µM 2, 4-D was most effective for callus induction from leaf explant. Flowering was induced in vitro when axillary shoots developed on MS medium (with 2.85 µM IAA) were subcultured on MS medium fortified with 8.06 µM NAA and 5.71 µM IAA. 75% of plants survived in field conditions.


Blepharis maderaspatensis; Callogenesis; in vitro rooting; propagation

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