Contribution to Desmidiaceae-Genus Cosmarium Corda ex Ralfs from Anjani Dam of Jalgaon District-III, Maharashtra

Patil Sanjay Bhagwat


The present investigation deals with the exploration, documentation and descriptions of Cosmarium species and varieties (Desmidiaceae) from Anjani dam of Jalgaon district Maharashtra. The samples algae collected from different sites of Anjani Dam for the period of two years. The total 90 taxa of genus Cosmarium corda to family Desmidiaceae has been recorded during the course of study. In this paper only 30 taxa of Cosmarium with 18 species, 11 varieties and 01 forma which are systematically described with illustrations. Cosmarium subcontractum has been recorded for the first time from India, hence which is a new addition to the desmids flora of India.

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