Influence of Pre-Sowing Treatments on Seed Germination of Bush Candle Tree (Canarium schweinfurthii Engl.)

Carine Ngwitoh Tanwie, Titus Fondo Ambebe, Grace Anjah Mendi


Canarium schweinfurthii (Burseraceae) is an important source of energy, medicine, food, and income to the people of the Western Highlands of Cameroon. The population of the tree has declined tremendously in recent years as regeneration from seed is hampered by a hard seed coat that makes germination difficult. The aim of this study was to test the effect of pre-sowing treatments on germination of C. schweinfurtheii seeds. Seeds were subjected to the following treatments before planting in a non-mist propagator: untreated control, immersing in water warm at 60° C for 2 hours, soaking in dilute HCl for 2 hours, dry heating at 100 °C for 2 hours, and dry heating at 60 °C for 24 hours. Germination indices were computed from a daily recording of germination. Data were analyzed in one-way ANOVA and means separation were conducted with Tukey LSD. The dry heat at 100 °C and 60 °C pre-treatments were lowest in Final Germination Percentage (FGP), Mean Germination Time (MGT), and Germination Rate Index (GRI). The ranking of the other pre-treatments was dependent on the parameter. The immersion in warm water significantly augmented FGP. The HCl treatment increased FGP to an extent comparable to warm water but it also increased GRI. Furthermore, MGT was lowest in HCl treatment relative to warm water and the control. In conclusion, the warm water and HCl treatments are useful alternatives for enhancing seed germination of C. schweinfurtheii. To speed up and complete germination in a shorter period of time, however, HCl is preferred.

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