Growth and yield of Cabbage in Aonla based Multistoried Agroforestry

Laboni Shifat Pingki, Tofayel Ahamed, Md. Main Uddin Miah, Md. Arifur Rahman Khan, Md. Suhag, Satyen Mondal


Globally conventional agroforestry systems (CAS) underpin the basic needs and accelerate the livelihood of billions of rural people. Nevertheless, the outcomes of multistoried agroforesty systems are yet to be addressed. Therefore, the present study emphasis on evaluation of yield, yield attributes and economic performance of cabbage in aonla based multistoried agroforestry system (MAS). The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with four replications. Four systems combinations are T1: aonla + carambola+ lemon + dragon fruit+ cabbage, T2: aonla + dragon fruit + cabbage, T3: dragon fruit + cabbage, T4: cabbage in the open field (Control). Results showed that mean photosythetically active radiation (PAR) of a day was relatively higher (1027.19 μmol m-2 s -1) (100%) in open field condition (T4) followed by dragon fruit based system (T3) (1004.74 μmol m-2 s -1) (98 %), aonla+dragon fruit-based system (T2) (808.92 μmol m-2 s -1) (78%) and aonla + carambola+lemon+dragon fruit-based system (T1) (507.87 μmol m-2 s -1) (50%). The superior performance of cabbage in terms of plant height, number of leaves plant-1, leaf length, leaf breadth, and land equivalent ratio (LER) was found in aonla + carambola + lemon + dragon fruit-based system (T1) while SPAD value was found highest in open field condition (T4). Fresh leaf weight, leaf dry weight, head dry weight, head length, head breadth, individual head weight, marketable head weight, and yield was the highest in dragon fruit-based system (T3). Gross income (1261384 BDT ha-1) and BCR (2.95) were the highest in aonla + dragon fruit-based system (T2).


Aonla, Cabbage, Economic return, Multistoried agroforestry, Yield

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